Uranium Hexafluoride: Liquid Thermal Expansion, Elusive Eutectic with Hydrogen Fluoride, and Very First Production using Chlorine Trifluoride

Three unusual incidents and case histories involving uranium hexafluoride in the enrichment facilities of the USA in the late1940's and early 1950's are presented. The history of the measurements of the thermal expansion of liquids containing fluorine atoms within the molecule is reviewed with special emphasis upon uranium hexafluoride . A comparison is made between fluorinated esters, fluorocarbons and uranium hexafluoride . The quantitative relationship between the thermal expansion coefficient, a,of liquids and the critical temperature, T, is presented . Uranium hexafluoride has a a that is very high in a temperature range that is used by laboratory and production workers - much higher than any other liquid measured. This physical property of UF6 has resulted in accidents involving filling the UF6 containers too full and then heating with a resulting rupture of the container. Such an incident at uranium gaseous diffusion plant4s presented.

  • PUBLICATION DATE:  31 Dec 1991
  • AUTHORS:  Rutledge, G.P.
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  • LOCATION/DAN:  ELECT/AM041603-30  (For Internal Use)
  • JOURNAL NAME:  International Conference On Uranium Hexafluoride Handling
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    • NO.:  2ND
    • PAGES:  10
  • PERFORMING/PUBLISHING AGENCY NAME:  Central Environmental, Inc., Anchorage, Alaska/Oak Ridge National Lab., Oak Ridge,TN

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