Phase Diagram of the Nickel - Boron System

In addition to the indicated investigations, undertaken to construct a phase diagram for the nickel-boron system, there are a number of x-ray diffraction studies, devoted to the phase analysis and structure of various borides of this system. Thus the authors detected not only Ni(3)B, but also the compounds Ni(2)B, Ni(3)B(2) and NiB. In the existence of the borides Ni(3)B, Ni(2)B, and NiB was confirmed, but instead of Ni(3)B(2), the phase Ni(4)B(3), existing in two forms - orthorhombic and monoclinic - was found; there also are cited crystallographic characteristics of the borides. The structures of the individual boride phases were also determined. In view of the presence of such contradictory data, the need has arisen for a verification and refinement of the phase diagram of the nickel-boron system.

  • AUTHORS:  Sobolev, A.S. Fedorov, T.F.
  • LOCATION/DAN:  AMPLB/DCIC5333  (For Internal Use)
  • JOURNAL NAME:  Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences USSR, Inorganic Materials
    • VOL.:  3
    • NO.:  4
    • PAGES:  643-646
  • PERFORMING/PUBLISHING AGENCY NAME:  A.A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy

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