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Technical Support

From short to long-term tasks, AMMTIAC will tailor its support to best meet your needs.  Most efforts can be performed under one of the following levels of service:

Free Inquiry ServiceFunded InquiriesTechnical Area Tasks

Free Inquiry Service

AMMTIAC provides up to four free hours to answer materials, manufacturing, and testing related questions.  Experienced engineers use AMMTIAC's library to provide material property data, testing capabilities, and manufacturing information.  These subject matter experts will also tap into additional resources as needed to provide a professional response. Ask our Experts!

Funded Inquiries

For inquiries that require more than four hours, work can be performed on a cost recovery basis.  AMMTIAC will provide a quote as needed for funded inquiry tasks.  Examples of efforts in this category include data compilation and analysis, material selection, and comprehensive literature search and summary.  Contact AMMTIAC to learn more and to get started. 

Technical Area Tasks

Technical Area Tasks (TATs) involve long-term projects that generally have a fixed cost and period of performance.  Examples of efforts in this category include database development; technology assessments; state-of-the-art reports; training course development and delivery; and research, development, and design.  Contact AMMTIAC to learn more and to get started.